Dan Moore has been fascinated by music recording since 1972 when his neighbor and best friend was gifted a 4-track reel-to-reel tape recorder. Dan was learning the drums in the junior high band and Mark (who was a couple of years older) played 12-string guitar and sang. Together they started trying to create art-rock and pop influenced recordings in Mark’s living room. By high school, Dan was composing and arranging music for his friends to record in elaborate sessions in the high school band hall. This time the recording equipment was an 8-track recorder owned and operated by a local band director. 

Dan’s interest in composing and recording music continued to grow. After college, he began to collect musical instruments and his own recording equipment, progressing from a Fostex 4-track cassette recorder to a Roland VS-880 to a Pro Tools HD system on which he continues to hone his skills. As a professional musician and university professor, Dan gained valuable experience as a performer, composer, and producer of music and video, working in recording studios in Kansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Montana, Nashville, and Iowa. Today he works primarily in a studio within the Thomas L. Davis Percussion Suite at the University of Iowa—a unique custom designed facility that seamlessly blends teaching, rehearsing, and recording into one space.

He has over forty professional recordings to his credit as a performer, leader, co-leader, producer, or editor. Use the sort and search functions to explore Dan’s recorded work in the list below.

dr, drums
keys, electronic keyboards
mar, marimba
MIDI mar, MIDI marimba (Dan’s creation of an acoustic marimba with MIDI capabilities)
pans, steel pans (all)
perc, percussion (all)
prog, programming, looping, sampling
vib, vibraphone
v, vocals

Dan Moore Discography